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Monday, October 10, 2011

WeeklyAstroScope: 10/10-16/2011

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Key words:
Know; depth; grasp; begin; pioneer; initiative; launch; independence; original; perceive

I perceive with deep awareness my own path and what my personal journey means.

Walking the winding brick road at dawn I see through the haze the sunrise that reveals my true path of originality and independence.

Colors & stones:
Red; ruby; rose gold; garnet; all red stones and shades; fire opal; diamond

Oils & herbs:
White sage; thistle; wild rose; gorse; nasturtium; woodbine; tonics

The mystery of life beacons to be revealed during this week when Mercury begins its travel through Scorpio along with Venus. As the lunar tide rises to full you feel evermore pulled toward the vortex that is your own soul’s desire for expression. Your own truth is paramount right now calling for acknowledgement.

It is time to find a way to express some truth or aspect of who you are as a manifestation of your spirit. Fulfillment is the quest of desire and the time is now to recognize that within which is important and of greatest value. Value in this instance is that which gives wholeness. Explore what you want, what you dream of, what matters to you the most and see how those are being expressed and lived. Bringing even one dream to life will open the door for more to be born which in turn strengthens your earthly journey with deeper meaning.

♥ I Am You Are And Love IS...! ♥

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Welcome to The IAYAAVERSE...!