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Saturday, October 22, 2011

what do YOU see...???

The first 4 words you see describe you!
what do YOU see...???

the 4 words i personally spotted were:

Thanks to my FB sistah (Ayesha NuRa)
i stumbled upon this and
i LUV it...!

♥ I Am You Are And Love IS...! ♥

Thursday, October 20, 2011

MOON PHASE: Third Quarter - 10/19-23/2011

MOON PHASE: Third Quarter - 10/19-23/2011

THIRD QUARTER: October 19th – October 23rd  

This is not the time for emotional decisions as this phase starts out with. You will find your thinking caught between too many ideas in the present vs. long term goals. Let the dust settle a little and take full advantage of all situations that stroke your ego. Look for the benefits others enjoy because of your actions. If there aren’t any, that is the problem. Relationships may seem a little edgy for a few days as feelings of gratification may be lacking. We all could be looking for external solutions to an internal problem.

 ♥ I Am You Are And Love IS...! ♥

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Black is STILL Beautiful: Thank You Very Much!

Black is STILL Beautiful:
Thank You Very Much!

 so~ i was checking my profile on Tagged
(one of the many online social networks that i belong to)
and- confession: i hadn't been on there in MONTHS, y'all!
but i stumbled upon and fully viewed
this particular message and video
one brother sent me and posted on my page.
no doubt -
i LUV'd the positive and affirmative vybe of it all
and i thought YOU might digg it too -
so i wanted to share it here as well...!
~in Love & Light~

There are still Black Men
who love and appreciate
the Black and Natural Woman.

so... take it from me -
iELOAI / IAYAALiS Kali-Ma'at ElOAI: 'The MuthaQueen' -
aka: yo' sistah...
it's absolutely Awesome to receive
Love and Affirmation from our Brothers.
Please, continue...!
♥ I Am You Are And Love IS...! ♥

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

MOON PHASE: Full - 10/12-16/2011

MOON PHASE: Full - 10/12-16/2011

FULL: October 12th – October 16th 
If you are finding a little push back from others, you can be sure you’re not following the theme for the month, compromise. This New Moon cycle started with an aggressive flair to accomplish personal goals but it will end with either broken relationships or a renewed sense of compromise and equal participation. Actually there could be great rewards and a nice payoff for this effort. You will ultimately get what you want but so will they in the long run. This is a good time to tear down some old walls you may have built regarding others in your life. It will expand your consciousness and seed some new ideas in the Balsamic Phase.

 ♥ I Am You Are And Love IS...! ♥

Full Moon Magick: Full Moon in Aries/Taurus - Wednesday October 12 2011

Wednesday – October 12, 2011:
Full Moon in Aries/Taurus

The Moon opposite Saturn at 1:17 AM places a serious tone to what happens and some may turn negative or feel despondent. It bodes seriousness of attitude and action making it necessary to be more methodical and tenacious to maintain and get anything going. There is a hobbled energy at work creating a slowed time and in some instances things are blocked. It is better to wait for a more flowing ray to start anything new.

Mercury trine Neptune at 6:11 AM is terrific! This boosts your ability to tune-in and perceive in a most thorough way. Communication has a positive edge in that you can sense what others mean and read between the lines to fully comprehend what is being said, written or projected in general. Your intuition is heightened as well giving you the ability to delve within and think creatively for finding the right answers.

Adding to the nice trine of Mercury to Neptune is the Moon sextile Neptune at 6:14 PM which gives conveyance of information clarity and usually an understanding of the true purpose. You sense the spiritual side of life and are inclined to give without thought of receiving anything in return. It is a great time to tap into your higher mind for answers.

In Taurus the Moon from 9:35 PM today until next Saturday allows you to slow down and settle into simpler ways where quality matters more and timed events take precedence. A gentle atmosphere reigns giving you time to move into a more focused state of mind and get on track to lay a better foundation.

What happens at the Full Moon?
The Full Moon is a culmination, a peak, and many people notice a spike in exuberance and activity at this time. The Sun and Moon are in opposite signs, and the qualities of both signs in which they fall are lit up with a current running between them.

What are some ways to engage with the Full Moon?
If you've set intentions on the new Moon, the full Moon is the time for releasing them out to spirit. You might like to meditate on the New Moon intentions as the Moon grows brighter, adding power to them with your focus. The Waxing Moon is a building up of energy, and a great time to cultivate something new in your life.

How does this work exactly?
The key to working with planetary energies is understanding that you're a part of it all, too. As the Sun and Moon move through the signs, a force-field of energy is cast down, engaging with your own unique astrological blueprint. In other words, "May the force be with you," and may you also Be with the force.

Staying intimately connected to this cosmic dance allows you to tune into subtle shifts and changes. Our intuitive selves experience these through dream images, spirit guidance, and soul yearnings. You go beyond awareness of your known self, so you can experience your spirit self and its possibilities.

What are intentions?
Intentions are like wishes you send out, but you've got to take an active part in making them happen. You can call it a prayer, too. Whether we know it or not, we all have intentions, sometimes unconcious, that shape our experience. When you set intentions consciously, it makes you more present to the moment, able to jump on opportunities, cultivate contacts, and recognize divine serendipity.

Preparing for the Full Moon
Each full Moon has a different intuitive feel, and any ritual you do could draw on the essence of the sign. As it approaches, you might gather photos, found objects, meaningful totems and place them with your intentions in a prominent place.

Time to Celebrate
The full Moon often casts an exuberant vibe, making it a great time to have a party. This also opens the door for meaningful people to step into your life. But keep in mind that it can be intense, too. There's a reason why more patrolmen are sent out on full Moons! Take time to honor yourself in some way for any steps you took since the new Moon.

The Climax and the "Reveal"
Sometimes full Moons feel like the end of an Act in your ongoing life story. This is true both on the personal and the global scale. It's like in a movie where all the plot points are pulled together, and for a brief moment, you can see the interwoven whole. If you set intentions, the full Moon is a time when you begin to make out the path, and can take an exhilarating step forward. It is both a culmination and a time to act on something you've imagined. In the act of doing, you have brought an idea into reality, and made magic.

Monday, October 10, 2011

WeeklyAstroScope: 10/10-16/2011

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Key words:
Know; depth; grasp; begin; pioneer; initiative; launch; independence; original; perceive

I perceive with deep awareness my own path and what my personal journey means.

Walking the winding brick road at dawn I see through the haze the sunrise that reveals my true path of originality and independence.

Colors & stones:
Red; ruby; rose gold; garnet; all red stones and shades; fire opal; diamond

Oils & herbs:
White sage; thistle; wild rose; gorse; nasturtium; woodbine; tonics

The mystery of life beacons to be revealed during this week when Mercury begins its travel through Scorpio along with Venus. As the lunar tide rises to full you feel evermore pulled toward the vortex that is your own soul’s desire for expression. Your own truth is paramount right now calling for acknowledgement.

It is time to find a way to express some truth or aspect of who you are as a manifestation of your spirit. Fulfillment is the quest of desire and the time is now to recognize that within which is important and of greatest value. Value in this instance is that which gives wholeness. Explore what you want, what you dream of, what matters to you the most and see how those are being expressed and lived. Bringing even one dream to life will open the door for more to be born which in turn strengthens your earthly journey with deeper meaning.

♥ I Am You Are And Love IS...! ♥

Thursday, October 6, 2011

NUMEROLOGY: 10/06/2011

NUMEROLOGY: 10/06/2011

10 + 6 + 2011 = 2027 = (2+0+2+7) = 11 / 2 
Eleven (11)

The number 11 is double digit that repeats itself - therefore is considered as a Master or Power Number. In Numerology - 11 represents impractical idealism, visionary, refinement of ideals, intuition, revelation, artistic and inventive genius, avant-garde, androgynous, film, fame, refinement fulfilled when working with a practical partner.
Eleven is a higher octave of the number two . It carries psychic vibrations and has an equal balance of masculine and feminine properties. Because eleven contains many gifts such as psychic awareness and a keen sense of sensitivity, it also has negative effects such as treachery and betrayal from secret enemies.

In systems such as Astrology and basic Numerology, eleven is considered to be a Master Number.

Ten being the perfect number, eleven represents the exceeding of both. It is interesting to note that eleven when broken down (1+1=2) comprises the Two of duality. 

11:11 is a digital code for awakening that many see.

♥ I Am You Are And Love IS...! ♥

HOROSCOPE: 10/06/2011

HOROSCOPE: 10/06/2011

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Thursday, October 6

We may be quite serious today with cerebral Mercury joining somber Saturn, reminding us to think twice about sharing what’s on our minds. It may even seem as if our thoughts are flowing along in slow motion. Nevertheless, we may find time to daydream anyhow as the Sun stressfully aligns with imaginative Neptune. Meanwhile, the futuristic Aquarius Moon encourages us to look ahead while the Mercury-Saturn conjunction reins our ideas back in.

♥ I Am You Are And Love IS...! ♥

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

NUMEROLOGY: 10/05/2011

NUMEROLOGY: 10/05/2011

10 + 5 + 2011 = 2026 = (2+0+2+6) = 10
Ten (10)

10 = 1 = Rebirth - that which stirs and awakens your soul at this time.

Ten is the number of the cosmos---the paradigm of creation. The decad contains all numbers and therefore all things and possibilities. It is the radix or turning point of all counting.

Ten is all-inclusive representing law; order and dominion. The tetraktys 1+2+3+4= 10 symbolizes divinity and one represents a point; two, length; three, a plane or surface (as a triangle); four, solidity or space.

It is seen as the perfect--the return to unity. When based on the digits of the two hands, it is completeness and the foundation of all counting. Its highest ranges of completeness, 100 and 1000, are the basis of all Hindu cosmology, and in China the Ten Thousand Things, ie: the uncountable, symbolize the whole of manifestation.

Ten is also the number of completion of journeys and returns to origins: Odysseus wandered for nine years and returned on the tenth. Troy was besieged for nine years and fell on the tenth. Ten is the sum of the number nine of the circumference with the one of the center---being perfection. We see ten also being symbolized in rituals like the ritual of the Maypole - the one of the axis with the circle danced around.

Cultural References

Chinese: Represented by a cross formed centrally by the character chi, symbolizing the self facing both ways as both Yin and Yang, which is considered to be the perfect figure. The Ten Celestial Stems (Kan) are possibly connected with the names of the ten-day week on the prevailing cyclic calculations, as evident in the number sixty.

Christian: There are ten Commandments of the Decalogue; as there are ten parables of the ten lamps, virgins, and talents. Tithes were to be given to God.

Gnostic: The ten Aeons become Sephiroth, emanating from the Pleroma.
Hebrew: In Qabalism ten is the numerical value of Yod, the Eternal Word, the first letter of the Divine name. Still in keeping with the Qabalist theme, ten, is representative of ...
- The Decalogue
- Divine support
- Intelligence
- The Kingdom
- The ten names of God
- Resplendent
- Sephiroth The spheres or emanations from the Ein Soph, symbolized by the Tree of Life. The first being the Monad, the First Cause of the other nine which are composed of three trinities, each being an image of the original Trinity of male-female and uniting intelligence. The tenth Adoni represents the mystic return to unity. In Solomon¹s Temple there were ten lavers, tables and candlesticks. The cherubim were ten cubits high and ten Levites minister before the Ark.

Islamic: Tithing holds an important place.

Hindu: Ten is based on the higher ranges of ten, ie: 100 and 1000.

Pythagorean: Ten is The Monad, the recommencement of a series and infinite expansion. Ten is perfection.

Roman: Ten is represented by X, the perfect figure and is seen as completion.
Sumero-Semitic: The tenth day of the Spring Festival was celebrated by a procession comprising the whole of the Gods.

♥ I Am You Are And Love IS...! ♥

HOROSCOPE: 10/05/2011

HOROSCOPE: 10/05/2011

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Wednesday, October 5 

We are motivated to hold onto everything that’s safe and secure in our personal worlds as the conservative Capricorn Moon reminds us of the benefits of stability. However, the Moon’s shift into intellectual Aquarius at 11:17 am EDT encourages us to set aside our fears of the unknown and to embrace the future. Additionally, the Moon’s supportive sextile to progressive Uranus helps us feel more comfortable with the ever-increasing speed of change.

♥ I Am You Are And Love IS...! ♥

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

10 VIRTUES & 42 IDEALS of Ma'at / Balance

10 VIRTUES & 42 IDEALS of Ma'at / Balance
 10 VIRTUES to be ONE with Ma'at
The ultimate aim for an initiate into the mystery system in Kemet (Ancient Egypt) was for the student to become "One with The Most High" or to become "a god" or "like God" or divine. The path to the development of godlike qualities was through the cultivation of virtues and Knowledge of your true Self. Many know that virtue only to be achieved through special study and effort and the knowledge of cultural rites of passage. According to George G. M. James in his work Stolen Legacy he writes: The following of the 10 virtues were sought by the initiates in ancient Kemet. In the final analysis, the ancient Kemites sought Ma'at or Balance to become one with Ma'at ~ the cosmic order.
§  Control of thoughts
§  Control of actions
§  Devotion of purpose
§  Have faith in the ability [in of your teacher] to teach [you] the truth.
§  Have faith [in yourself] to assimilate the truth
§  Have faith [in yourself] to wield the truth
§  Be free from resentment under the experience of persecution.
§  Be free from resentment under the experience of wrong.
§  Cultivate the ability to distinguish between right and wrong - and
§  Cultivate the ability to distinguish between the real and the unreal

~ originally inspired by a post from FB Friend ('Heal Thyself') Consir Thot

♥ I Am You Are And Love IS...! ♥

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