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THANK YOU for visiting!

I'm truly appreciative of your energy and presence.

This moment is no coincidence...
I'm certain your Highest and True Self
has guided you here intuitively.

I affirm a Supernal Love is now representing
to offer you sustenance and direction spiritually.

My intention is to offer YOU a sacred space 
to just be who you truly and genuinely are.

And I welcome this amazing opportunity to connect with you...


My Philosophy

THE IAYAAVERSE- sigil logo - 2019 -

I am a creatrix and true supporter of Indigenous technologies 

with a focus on transforming and improving the quality of life for All. 

Here my focus is simply revealing all my devotion to a life of sharing

the spiritual experiences and insights of going into the depths of The Mysteries.

IAYAALIS is an Oracle and Shamanic High Priestess of The Word
specializing in Metaphysics, Magick, Intuitive Mastery, and Divination. 
IAYAALIS offers content and classes in the spiritual sciences for insight, direction, & balance in life. 
She has advised and taught the spiritual mysteries for nearly three decades.
IAYAALIS is a Psychic Medium that has also trained to be a certified
Life Coach, Reiki Master-Teacher and Ra Sekhi practitioner (Levels 1 & 2).
She has been initiated and trained to give Deeksha Oneness Blessing.

She has received Tao Blessing and has also been initiated into Kriya Yoga.

Many have triumphed in successfully navigating through various life challenges by way of her guidance.
IAYAALIS is a professional Intuitive Healing Artist, Writer, 
and Podcaster of The Esoteric to transmit
The Way of The Oracle.

When you schedule a session with IAYAALIS
you will receive detailed and highly accurate spiritual advice 
that covers the aspects of your life where you feel you need the most guidance and support.

All Sessions MUST be scheduled & booked 24 Hours in advance

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Yes! ...located in Nashville, TN - USA
& serving the WORLD


Tel: 1-678-88-ETHER


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