Supernal Roots

Supernal Roots aims to elevate everyday Indigenous practices of Metaphysics and Magick.

Our overall mission is to support and share experiences of the spiritual mysteries. 

This venture is a call to all spiritual kin seeking to unlock the great treasures withIN.

IAYAALIS is the Creatrix and Co-Founder of Supernal Roots.
She has been practicing the Indigenous Healing Arts for almost three decades.
IAYAALIS is as an Oracle, Wise Woman, High Priestess of the Intuitive and Oracular Arts,
Psychic Medium, and certified Metaphysical Life Coach. 

Zaahruq is also a Co-Founder of Supernal Roots with almost fifteen years of experience in the Indigenous Healing Arts.
He is a Shaman, Astrological Magician, Master Energy Healer, Licensed Massage Therapist,
and certified Metaphysical Life Coach.

IAYAALIS and Zaahruq are both faithful creators and supporters of Indigenous technologies
with a focus on transforming and improving the quality of life for All.
Their collaborative focus is devoted to a life of sharing the experiences and insights
of going into the depths of the spiritual mysteries.
They feel inspired to form a union of Indigenous Healing Artists committed to The Great Work of spiritual cultivation.


All in All, welcome to Supernal Roots and the revealing of everyday Indigenous Magick – Evolved and Elevated.

Metaphysics & Magick Courses

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to learn practical ways to enhance your life with metaphysics and magick.

Supernal Roots offers courses, training, and certification on spiritual sciences of the Indigenous Healing Arts.

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The intuitive and wholistic work of and Indigenous Healing Arts administered by IAYAALIS Kali-Ma'at Eloai
(partners, associates, and fellow members)
is genuinely offered as spiritual services and supplemental products to benefit the community.
All rates are suggested donations and negotiable.
ALL services and products are given only to the voluntary and free willing and voluntary members and associates of 
Supernal - Indigenous Healing Arts Initiative.
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