Supernal Stone Oracle Apprenticeship


If you inherently know you have been summoned by Spirit to Become an Oracle - 
this spiritual path may assist you greatly!


The Supernal Stone Oracle™ Program
is an Initiation into the Oracular Arts.

This 23 Month Shamanic Apprenticeship Program offers
training in psychic mediumship and divination to become an Oracle
and a Certified Intuitive Master of Supernal Stone Oracular Arts




When completing this course you will learn the fundamentals regarding:

Wholistic Science of Shamanic Healing

  • learn about many Indigenous wholistic principles and practices of healing

Altar Work

  • gain deeper insight into the principles and practices of maintaining and sustaining sacred space

Connecting with The Higher Self

  • deepen your awareness and divine connection with the highest multi-dimensional aspects of your being

Connecting with The Ancestors

  • strengthen your spiritual connection with ancestral energies and the elevated Spirit of Relativity

Numerology & Supernal Mathematics

  • learn the science of numerology and how to tap into the synchronistic Universal Intelligence of Numbers

Sacred Geometry

  • realize how geometric forms energetically influence the direction of universal sensitivities

Chakras and The Main Energy Portals

  • expand your foundational knowledge of the chakras and main energy portals

The Transcendental Energy Portals

  • gain a keen insight into working with the transcendental energy portals

The Major Arcana of The Tarot

  • journey deeper into the Tarot and access the portals of the Greater Mysteries

Shamanic Stone Divination

  • learn how to intuit the ancient wisdom of gemstones and crystals for direction in life

The Art of an Indigenous Healer

  • master essential everyday practices of the Indigenous Healing Arts

The Work of an Intuitive Master

  • sustain a powerful connection with the Sentience and Synchronicity of Creation

The Industry of a Spiritual Advisor

  • know the basic business essentials of advising others

Rules of Integrity

  • be aware of various approaches to maintain an equitable and fair spiritual practice

Principles of Professionalism

  • know the fundamental principles to sustain a successful spiritual business

Spiritual Benediction

receive spiritual anointment to quicken the elevation of your intuitive talents
in support of your work as an Oracle

Balance.   Insight.   Direction.


Many are Called... Few Choose.

Apply For Training To

Become An Oracle 

23 Month

Supernal Stone Oracle™ Apprenticeship Program

NOW Accepting Applications for 2020

Space is strictly limited.



Balance.   Insight.   Direction.

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