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Ask The Oracle - IAYAALIS

My name is IAYAALIS. 

I am an Oracle (Psychic Medium), Shaman, and certified Metaphysical Life Coach.

My purpose is to serve as a spiritual adviser.
I offer insight for resolutions in life
- from personal health and relationship matters to business and financial situations. 
I work to assist you in the process of spiritual growth and empower you
in living your best life.

I Am You Are And Love IS...!



Seek Balance?

Need Insight?

Desire Direction?

Release and Fully Re-Align.

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to receive Energy Healing,
Shamanic Massage,
or Shamanic Soul Retrieval.

Ask The Oracle: IAYAALIS.


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Energy Healing

Receive energetic support
to sustain being in divine alignment.
During a Supernal Energy Healing session 
the Shaman you connect with will provide
a very potent form of Shamanic Reiki
or energy healing.
Receive a wholistically powerful restoration
of energetic balance.

Access sacred Indigenous technologies 

via tools Nature has gifted us.

Sessions offered in person or remotely.

Shamanic Massage

Enjoy an elevated massage experience
combining the intuitive practice of
Shamanic Healing
with a dose of universal healing energy
- taking your session to the next level. Experience a deeper relaxation

and support to spiritually restore,
while chakras are aligned
- all in one session.

Mobile Sessions also provided upon request.

Soul Retrieval

Gain spiritual restoration and integration
on all levels of being!
This is an extremely dynamic and effective
healing  process using sacred
Indigenous technologies

and many tools Nature has gifted.

It is traditionally known as
Shamanic Soul Retrieval.

During these sessions the Shaman will be intuitively and spiritually instructed
to impart healing energy and power.
Spirit Allies may be called upon. 
This transference of energy
may have many forms.
The vibrational frequency of an element, plant, light, crystal, sacred word of power,
and/or any other powerful aspect
may then be received.
These sessions are exceptionally exclusive
and the powerful healing process requires a
suggested minimum integration period
of ninety (90) days

* approximately 4+ hours per session *
Sessions offered in person or remotely

Supernal Insight

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Become An Oracle 


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Metaphysics & Magick Courses

Complete a series of in-depth studies
to learn practical ways to enhance your life with metaphysics and magick.

Supernal Alchemy - Self-Initiation Academy
offers courses, training, and certification 
on spiritual sciences
and the Indigenous Healing Arts.

Courses offered in person, over the phone, and virtually.

Coming Soon!

Supernal Retreats

Ready To Restore?

Move On A Mission.

Reserve A Retreat

Set intentions
and go on an amazing spiritual journey.

Summon Shamanic Healing
for a powerful Paradigm shift 
to move you more in Divine Alignment.

Supernal Restoratives

Intuitive Readings

Gain spiritual advice on all matters in life! 
Receive answers on personal questions 
- from career goals to relationship dynamics. 
These Intuitive Reading sessions give insight.
Get advice and clarity to support
living in divine alignment. 


Sessions offered in person, over the phone, or virtually.

Meta Coaching

Experience a powerful form of life coaching. 
A Supernal Meta Coaching session supports every aspect of you and your life
– body, mind, and spirit.
These sessions are exclusively designed to assist you in making personal revolutionary changes to access your full potential.
This process of empowerment generally requires self-accountability and a suggested minimum integration period of
sixty (60) days.


Sessions offered in person, over the phone, or virtually.

Supernal Roots

Supernal Stone Oracle Apprenticeship



Accepting Applications

for 2020

When you schedule a session with IAYAALIS
you will receive detailed and highly accurate spiritual advice 
that covers the aspects of your life where you feel you need the most guidance and support.


Get the insight, balance, and direction to dispel the pain and confusion holding you captive.

Check the words of those who testify as to how IAYAALIS has helped them grow.


To schedule your session or to get further info...







The intuitive and wholistic work of and Indigenous Healing Arts administered by IAYAALIS Kali-Ma'at Eloai
(partners, associates, and fellow members)
is genuinely offered as spiritual services and supplemental products to benefit the community.
All rates are suggested donations and negotiable.
ALL services and products are given only to the voluntary and free willing and voluntary members and associates of 
Supernal - Indigenous Healing Arts Initiative.
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